There are some questions you can ask yourself, that are based on the DSM criteria, and other scenarios I have encountered in my own life, and with my clients.

(note: the word “use” could mean use of any drug, alcohol, or both).

1) Have you ever thought that maybe someday, I should stop, or limit my use, but just not yet?

2) Have you ever wondered if your use was really worth the risk of losing: your money or your job, or your freedom, or a relationship? or all the above?

3) Have you ever felt that you haven't really reached your goals, dreams, potential because of your use?

4) Have you noticed that you sometimes, or often, use more than you intended to?

5) Are you investing more energy and money in trying to conceal your use than you would like?

6) Has your use gotten worse over time, never better?

7) Has anyone you love or respect criticized your use?

8) Is your use more than just partying and having fun?

9) Does your use no longer relieve stress or worry, and sometimes makes it worse?

10) Have you tried to stop using, but cant?

11) Have you found yourself answering questionnaires like this before?

12) Is everything a drag when you stop using?

13) Do you live in dread or panic of upcoming drug tests?

14) Have you been timing your drinking around daily breath tests?

15) Do you have a legal issue that is getting more scary because of continued use?

16) Does it take you longer to "bounce back" from being drunk/stoned than it used to?

17) Do you find yourself wasting a lot of time trying to cop?

18) Does it take a lot more than it used to-to get the buzz you want?

19) Are you experiencing shakes, or getting ill when you stop?

20) Do you feel depressed or anxious in between using, and most at ease when you are under the influence?   

 It's always a good idea to get the facts about drug and alcohol abuse, for yourself.  Substance  Addiction or Abuse usually occurs in stages - and it may be helpful for you to see what stage you may be in! I can help you learn to avoid problems in the future!

 Any consultations with me are protected by very strict laws that keep any consultations confidential. You aren't required to provide your name.

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